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Alone (crushed By Your Lies) Lyrics

Album Name : 424
Release Date : 2013-06-17
Song Duration : 4:29

Project Silence Alone (crushed By Your Lies)

I'm alone, in this little death
That some may call life
So confused, tattered, torn apart

Still waiting to be lifted
From this prison of my flesh
To be set free from this pain

Crushed I am between
The sliding doors of life
And the chances I've been given
but still Alone

Mistake for a creation
Fault in the product line
Massproduced, dehumanized
Cast out to oblivion

I can't raise my
head up high
I've been pressed down to the ground
Left alone to suffer
in the silence of lonely souls

One day I will defeat
this everlasting misery
and reach for the skies
where you are

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