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Leave Me Alone Lyrics

Project Pat Leave Me Alone
Ey mane
Man did not know these fake ass bitches out here be lying and shit mane
Yeah they lie
Mane I'm just tryna get me some money mane
F..ck these bitches mane
I'm focused mane out here on the business mane
Got tired for this shit I want some money mane
Ya heard me mane

[Hook - Project Pat:]
I just wanna count my money, and smoke my weed
Didn't need any nigga, it was all on me
Red stagger like palace, tall like trees
Riding foreign when ya bitches see me bitch
Leave me alone [x4] bitch
Leave me alone [x4] bitch
Leave me alone

Bitch I need a million can ya lend me one
Bitch I need a bag can ya send me one
You ain't got a dollar you ain't having shit
But love smoking hookah, love smoking dicks
Ya [?] tryna stunt with them income taxes
Brazilian weave in your hair and them fake eyelashes
Not tryna flex like you don't know a nigga
Phony ass bitch, ya know ya owe a nigga
You got that [?] shower pussy I be stroking in
But round May when I was come you be broke again
Lemon D's of smoke, what I'm putting in the wind
Bitch ya can't ask me for shit, cuz I ain't yo friend


[Joe Simpson:]
Bitch you slurp my dick up like a pickup
Shot cum in her throat til she hiccup
Now ya lying to yo friends like I'm yo dude
Like I'm paying yo bills, I don't f..ck with you
Yous a flodging ass bitch with that paddy cash
Tryna take a pic and put that bitch on Instagram
Tagging me, yous a lie, hoe I'm locking you
But I'm bout to hit it tomorrow, that's what a player do
Kush smoking my lungs, California wax
Smack the shit, I love a bitch that don't know how to act
Got the game from my pops, a real hustler
Got my name on the block, from [?]


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