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Knowledge Of Self Lyrics

Planets Knowledge Of Self

[Nomadic Poet]
Yo, in this labyrinth of life
in spite of holding the rope, I might choke
If it switched like promoting a new ackk, chokes me
Producers want to hoax me and coax me
But I ain't trying to make my soul freeze
into solid stone, that's how I'ma go
I'm unfolding nature man of scripts and scrolls, paid spiritual tolls
Not payrolls to see what life holds for me
Formerly manufactured from the earth before birth
Brought me with the breath of life breathed into us
Trus' me, articles of God's trust
Now as the globe rotates we live corrupt
To rot away from the door's jaws of the dark raven
Escapin mistaken contemplation by this dark haven

Movin' over dangerous ground I found it hazardous
Cantankerous lifestyles deprive one of happiness
So yo bro I'm mackin' this
Infinite miraculous energy while my enemy's remain shady characters

[Chorus/Scratches by DJ Kam x4]
And if you don't know who you are, follow me, seen
The Knowledge Of Self
Now it's for the people

I looked into the river like a mirror, saw the moon shimmer
Felt the spark in my heart depart into a gentle flicker
It grew bigger
I'm trying to be a true brother
Still I got to dig a little deeper to be delivered
I try myself like a cook and throw the book at me
Address the crannies and nooks and take a second look at me
With honesty I'm building me
into a being of true love and great integrity
You feeling me?
Secondly, Nomadic Poetry be flowing with me
Like telepathy as energy's planetary

Through the galaxies I'm making moves just ???
We have to be on some personal meaningful soul cleansing
Amending, now bredren, tell me what you're defendin'
If you're not true to self then you're not comprehending
The facts, counteract the attacks, slap back your ego to the max
Before the time when your soul gets taxed.


Archdeacon, supposedly beacons, speakin' and preachin'
Impeachin' the laws of the book, simply crooks causing treason
Godly for one reason, the next? Without a reason
They in Hampstead Heath beneath a tree at night
And they're leasing their body, it's dotty, yo, the systems kind of grotty
What people see on TV they wanna be and just copy
There's innercity youts selling drugs and puffing beanies
Situations seedy, greedy individuals on the daily drinking
Baileys and cream, living for greed, crazy fiends chasing dreams
Tell me, what's it all mean?

Some people wanta run up their garms and talk fraff
When their egos clash, that's why I'm ready like cash
To face my circumstances, doing dances with wolves
Pulling the wool from both my eyes, make sure my lungs are full
I hit the bull in his eye if he ain't ready to see
That in the land of the blind, the devil holds the key
Basically it's about slavery and captivity
Moving with energy that's built on negativity,
the possibilities are rare
When we don't care, about the consequence of living life on the edge
That's why I take my pledge no doubt and move the devil out
Cos if evil remains it stains brains no doubt,
and I ain't even trying to fall out
Before the call out when before that I knew my soul was gonna get drawn out

[Chorus till end]

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