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My Mother's Hometown Lyrics

Pink Angels My Mother's Hometown

I lived and learned
in what we called the South.
I cried and
I lied
But then, that's understandable
I was only happy where I belonged
I belonged in my mother's hometown

Summer nights were spent
catching little fireflies
and then we let them all drift away.
Late one fall
I caught the cold
and my aunt she stayed up
waiting for my fever to break.
But we both knew that she told
my family i was better
three days late.


I got my hair streaked
Blonde one year,
And let me tell you
It spread from mouth to ear.
But even though I got some stares
When I visited they didn't seem to care.


I remember growing up
Watching my aunt sewing
And I would think
One day, that'll be me.
But I grew up and went away
I chose another path.
But my heart aches
For that side of the globe.
And I know that
when my job is done
I'll be the very first one
On that plane and
Leaving this city.

Cause the only place where
I'll be happy
and my soul will be free
Is when i come home
To that place where I belong.
My mother's
Oh in my mother's hometown.

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