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Wedding Day Massacre Lyrics

Album Name : Tadaloora
Release Date : 2012-11-12
Song Duration : 4:03

Phantom Buffalo Wedding Day Massacre

Well they landed in the morning and burned down the
And shut out the windows at the place where I lived
They took the man who does the laundry down town
And tied up his legs with an old dressing gown
That they found

And they took the silver dolphin and the crown of the
That we hid deep within the palace last spring
It was while they were running through the sunday great
I saw the map of Tadaloora on the tapestry wall
I saw it fall , now hold me like you always knew me

And close your eyes but look right to me
It feels as though I always knew you
But I've been right here and you're from Chaluchuru

Tonight you took out some weapons we did not fight back
We never attempted a counter attack
We just sang out our anthem land of the fog
Where the notes and the barks of the pimples were dark

And the oinks from his hogs
As the spirits leave our bodies to fly with the doves

I pass the white granite and higher above
To a house on the rocks where the pianist grow
I'll hold you forever and never let go

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