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Distant Places Lyrics

Penn Masala Distant Places

On days gone by
These hands of time
Sewn together they paint up a smile

On days ahead
Those hands instead
Are breaking prophets into wishful lies

In wakes of haze
Can time's straight gaze
Answer the hows and the whys

The best laid plans
Of gods and men
So often go awry

But I'm not breaking
My hands not shaking
My mind's awake and with clear eyes I see

Misdeeds of my past
I've found they don't last
So as I move on there's one thing left to say

Give me an open road
No matter where it seems to lead
Although the places they are distant
Only the clouds will hold my feet

Kho gayi, par thi, mithi kuch ve yaadein
Reh gaye, haan ve, bachpan ke ve vaadein
Nikle, hum bhi, nainon mein liye sapne
Bhatke, path se, yaad aayein ab apne

Raah naa jaanoon, disha naan jaanoon par chalnaa baaki abhi
Suraj ko choona, gagan jo choomnaa, jo sochaa vahi kiyaa toh maine nahin

Mujhe raah mein samay milaa
Bolaa main toh chalaa
Duniya toh naa thambti mere yaar

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