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Shipwreck Lyrics

Paul Clark Shipwreck

Paul Clark, from Hand to the Plow

Flooded by the wind of doubt
It seems there will be no way out
Stranded in a wretched blaze
Where is the grace that once could be found?

Swallowed by confusion
Life is an illusion
If you hold only up stream
You'll live in grief till the day that you die

(Instrumental break)

Then you will cry out for truth and for answers
A tear will feel your reverse
Then the closets could all soon be over
Sing this song like a bird

As he will find life in sunlight
Proclaiming the birth of the play
Then the dark will be consumed
And peace will resume
And the shipwreck is washed away

Mmm aah
Mmm mmm mmm mmm
Aah aah aah aah
Shipwreck wash away
Shipwreck wash away

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