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You're Mine Tonight Lyrics

Album Name : Winner in You
Release Date : 1990-06-25
Song Duration : 3:41

Patti Labelle You're Mine Tonight

I'm a kind of lady
I always get what I want
You're looking so hot, I want what you got
Before I get through with you
Oh, you're gonna want me to, you don't know it but

You're mine tonight
Oh, I'll hold you tight
Know what I'm feelin' and it feels so right
You're mine tonight
There's no use to fight
My mind's made up and my heart is set on you

You're pickin' up on my signals
You're reading me loud and clear
Smilin' at me, sensuously
I see you're heading my way
Attracted like a moth to a flame, you don't know it but

It was meant to be
It was destiny

Standin' so close beside me
Just a heartbeat away
It was in the stars, you're here in my arms
Baby, it was you and me

Just the way I said it would be, now you know that

It was meant to be
It was destiny
It was meant to be
It was destiny
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