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In My Dream Lyrics

Pat Terry In My Dream

I saw it in a dream last night
The world was acting strangely right
black and white
Left and right
Were living in perfect harmony

There was no violence in the street
The smoke had cleared and the air smelled sweet
The drums of truth beat loud and clear
The rhythm for our feet
In my dream

There was a policeman on the corner
Who had laid his badge aside
'Cause the law lived in
The hearts of men
Instead of fear and pride

And the parents loved their children
and the husbands loved their wives
And the ones worn down and kicked around
Saw the value in their lives
In my dream

And the spires atop the churches
Shone like spaceships in the sun
With altars for their launchpads
And room for everyone
And the earth bowed down in unison
Christ was on His throne
In my dream

Then outside my bolted window
A loud noise woke me from my sleep
It was the soundtrack of
The push and shove
Of life down on the street

And the TV in the next room
Screamed the news through my paper walls
And the newsman said, " 200 dead"
And it echoed down the halls of my dream
My dream

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