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9 Smiles Lyrics

Paledusk 9 Smiles

(There is nothing to fear
The world is not fare
It's not even a thing)
Because I am me

I wanna feel alive
Don't tell me a lie
Put everything behind
Time to put on the mask

"Hi, there I'm 9SMILES
I have flew to you for miles"

This is my name
This is my another name

In one sec, I will change your fate
It's no fake
It's ok
It is "a piece of cake"

Be at ease
I also love you "freaks"
Look at me
Say cheese
Let's toast with a glass of beer

No one can measure the value of me

If I'm forced to say, I'm tired of living with no fear
You know what I mean?
This is me
You know?

My future is bright everynight
You know?
I also am the lead in your life
You know?

"I did cry"
Who knows?
"I did lose"
Who knows?
There is nobody with no faults but me
Who knows?

I wanna lose
This is the foolest thing
You with me?
Because I am me

I'll thank you for minding your own business

I don't care if they see me as a liar
Hard to survive

Maybe I can walk on water
If that is what you want
Even if I fell into the hell, I wouldn't die

An alarm beeps again
Everybody calls my name
Why you ask?
It's so obvious
Because I am me

"Once upon a time…"
People will pass me on like this
Because I am me

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