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Owen & Leon Silvera Words

Words are not the only thing, my dear
When you are making love
[Let me tell you now]
Eyes are always whispering [whispering]
Come and be my litle turtledove

Every time you look at her [look at her]
You can tell if her love is true
[Oh, oh, let me tell you now]
For lips are always be there [be there, be there]
When you take a kiss or one, or a-two

And when you kiss her lips, my friend [my friend, my friend]
It show you the way how to win her love
[Win her love, win her love, win her love]
And when you win her love, my friend [my friend]
Lips so nice, so sweet, like honeycomb
[I know, I know, I know, I know, I know]
So sweet [so sweet]
So nice [oh, yeah]
Like honeycomb [oh so, so sweet]
So sweet [so sweet, so sweet, so]

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