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Greatest Story Ever Told Lyrics

Album Name : What a Girl Wants
Release Date : 2003-04-01
Song Duration : 4:09

Oliver James Greatest Story Ever Told

Thank you for this moment
i've gotta say how beautiful you are
of all the hopes and dreams i could be prayed for
there you are
if i could have ine dance forever
i would take you by the hand
tonight is you and i together 
i'm so glad, i'm your man

And if i lived a thousand years
you know i never could explain
the way i lost my heart to you,that day
but if destiny decided i should look the other way
then the world would never know
the greatest story ever told
and did i tell you that i love you...tonight

I don't hear the music 
when im looking in your eyes
but i feel the rythm of your body
close to mine
It's the way we touch that sends me 
it's the way we always be
your kiss your pretty smile 
you know i die for,oh baby
your all i need



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