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Shattered Lyrics

Oksana Angel Shattered

Verse 1
There’ll be a day when I no longer long for you... (long for you)
There’ll be a day when I have no single thought of you
There’ll be a time when I’ve forgotten you
And I pray that time come soon!

Shattered - (dreams) - but still strong - (will)
Wounded - (heart) - yet still kind - (soul)
Shaken - (faith) - but still alive - (love)
Unyielding spirit is flying high!

Verse 2
Weeks and months - gone by – no thought of you crossed my mind
Not appreciated, just humiliated & let down
I don’t need you, leave me alone, let me live my life
I pretend that I succumb to your ruthless rules of love
I let you think you won

I gave you everything – my heart, my soul, my dreams
I lost it all but you don’t posess my soul
So you see the beauty of my spirit inside me

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