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Like You Lyrics

Off Kilter Like You

Lookin’ from the outside ‘cause I thought I had lost my way.
That empty hollow feeling I carried with me every day.
I wasn’t looking for an answer, I had nothing left to say.
I put my feet on the ground without making a sound
Finally moving on straight

I’m tired and I’m jaded, something inside that I just can’t deny
I had a heartache, but it’s faded
Living a lie and I think I know why
‘Cause I’ve never been this saturated
With this feeling I got from a girl like you
And I don’t want to be separated, with this feeling I’ve got
From a girl like you.

We’re both everyday people, and we’re living in our everyday lives
We’ve made our share of mistakes now, thinking we were doing it right.
Oh I’m not saying that life can’t be perfect
Everybody has the tough times
But the hand you deal can make you feel that everything will turn out fine