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In Swirling Embrace Lyrics

Odeum In Swirling Embrace

Music:Persson, Ludvigsson, Lundberg Lyrics:Ludvigsson
The Architectures Of Human Genetics
Altered And Rendered In Pre-Destined Form
Reanimation, Who Art Thou You Or Me?
Life Now Re-Defined

From Life To Death I Was Offered Immortality
That Raged Through Nihilistic Frames
Evolutionary Trauma, Progressive In Disdain
I Wade Through The Filth Of Ethical Decay

Death Spares Thee
Not From Life, Nor From Reality
Nihilist, Exorsist, Exit The Confines
In Which Life Denies Thee
Exiled And Impotent
Enter The Dark Raging Cold
Revert Through Arual Armageddon
Escape The Metaphors In Which Thou Art....

Equal In Isotopic Reconstruction
Defloured Through Degenerative Decay
Identical In Genetic Structure
And Thus The Soul And Mind In Dissarray

Their Stiffened Faces
The Empty Eyes, Devoid The Sparks Of Life
Without Redemption And In Total Lonliness
I Fold My Arms In Swirling Embrace

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