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The Deserters Lyrics

Occasion The Deserters

They took us by the edge of the desert
And they laid them down in the sand
Carrie picked at her nails in the sunshine
Solid just stayed in the van

On the old high orchard she had asked him
To promise her that he'd never leave
He would've died at the outskirts of towers
The night he started having the dreams

She chased him all the way to the border
But he was only picking up speed
He doubled back and finally lost her
By rolling into a ravine

But he could still hear her crying behind him
From the rocky bank where he hid
He doubled his shoulders right up to his chin and stared up at the firmament

They found him with his eyes wide open
At a place called the joshua tree
"I'll never go away for good," he said
He promised her that he'd never leave

He promised her that he'd never leave

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