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Summoner Of The Wind Lyrics

Obsidian Shell Summoner Of The Wind

Silver Moonlight glitters on the field
Mourning the souls of the deceased

The wind still blows
As a girl passes by
Making the dust
And the leaves fly high

Ooh... tell me little girl
How can you make the air swirl?
Ooh... can you hear the wind weep?
One day you'll hear when I speak

Ooh... Summoner of wind
Please... put my soul to peace
Eyes... can't be forgotten
Show me what's real heaven

All those dark nights that you spent in fear
All those fearsome things you happened to hear
Now they have vanished as you found your peace
May the dead forgave our cruel, selfish sins?

Dreaming of cruel fists that says "here you stay"
Remember those who said "don't be afraid"

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