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Fire Walk With Me Lyrics

Oblomov Fire Walk With Me

I 'm lost in the world of colours, where all's going
flying to the top of the trees without any bound
I hear mysterious voices whisper my name
doughter of my mother's sister is dancing around
Oh, living in garmonbozia,it is my fate
tell me, who steals my memories, now is too late
was it a dream
men in disguise invite me to their ball
what are they looking for and what are they called?
he wants to be me, he wants to taste me
from my eyes radiates peace, but it is my fall
faster and faster, nothing to feel, fire is burning me,
all that was real
angels have gone, strange people have come,
- I wanted to know when it has begun
tune of the music is making me cry, what have I done, why
did I lie?
the small green ring in my hands I hold,father you feel
my body's cold
I don't want here to be - fire walk with me
lay me down, my body is dirty now
lay me down, let me rest in peace
where did I go, why did I leave
so many answers Iwanted to know
now blood is flowing down, down of my lips
I was the queen, now I'm vanished in haze

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