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Shelter Lyrics

Album Name : Oathbreaker - EP
Release Date : 2011-04-19
Song Duration : 3:03

Oathbreaker Shelter

On a downhill of life the earth made a sound as of sighs
and the last drops fell from the emptied cloudless sky.
It's few and far between that I had failed to see. In
this dull season he's easy of belief.
Skeleton key still hanging in the scale. He crouched for
the plain truth.
Making this world a hell skeleton key opening doors for
you and I've given everything.
But got nothing in return lighting his candle at both
ends. Time is hanging heavy on his hands.
Bowed under a noise fit to raise the dead as it's few and
far between that I had failed to be.
In this dull season I've given up belief come down in
this world....

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