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Ii Lyrics

Album Name : Travellers
Release Date : 2010-11-26
Song Duration : 4:31

Nucleus Torn Ii

it stands against a bleak horizon
a monument and crown
we built it high and strong
immortal stronghold
stone by stone was cast on
buried soil beneath, humiliated
pitiless sign of warning

we hail death and our world's demise
the sound of the knell splits the heavens. Eden, earth
bitter devastation and utter defeat
rejoicing in ourself
out final triumph
that's where
we meet

swallowed my friend in misery
I crumble and fall next to her
a touch
I awake
she is not there

through the fumes I rise above
darkened skies that we have conquered
dead air I breathe to flee
the scum that we have bred

I roam alone and feel the horrid stale stench
thrust into swaying darkness

modern futile death we gave the wilderness
which I gave back to us
a foe made by our own hands
killed all but ourselves

behold a battlefield abandoned
a shame, ruined disgrace to all mankind

what there lies
is not anything worth dying for
but to turn away and run
I spit on you dismal place

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