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Path Of Green Lyrics

Album Name : Kälin Bla Lemsnit Dünfel Labyanit
Release Date : 2009-05-25
Song Duration : 3:14

Nosfell Path Of Green

As my feet walk through a path of green
My leg is glowing red and remembering
My body knows the way back home
There will I find where I'd been
from the distance my philosophic
A childhood stance in my way
With that story in her hand
What if I don't want to hear this
And go on with a smile on my face

It's not
We are pleased, we are pleased, we are pleased
We have burned every bookshelf
You will see for yourself

Struggle in the stream of some dark land
I do remember the words you said
When I decided to believe my future was over the seas

The treasure I have left is gone, left is gone, left is
It's underneath the waves, free of hope, free of hope
This emotion that I feel is a way to reveal
of all now I'm back, now I'm back, now I'm back

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