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Chronicles Lyrics

Noize Suppressor Chronicles

Approach the danger.
I keep it banging impulsive
Approach the danger.
Approach the danger.
I keep the pulse and the banging impulsive
Down to your face, and then we drop the f..cking bass

Go hard and then attack

Don't let me know, I bring the sound, listen up, we
can't stop!

I've been around, from the beginning of sound, we've
invented this shit, po-pooow po-pooow

The early days is like a gift from the other side, we
laughed, we cried, and then we put our tears aside

And in the meanwhile, a virus spreading worldwide,
fasten your seatbelt, it's time to take a ride

In all the memory, 3 steps ahead and DJ unity, but they
mean more than a memory

Generations from the present, the past
Time to unite and time to act fast.

'Cause it's time to hit deck and watch each others
back, we lay low, and then we will attack

and when the smoke disappears we will invite our guest
Then you will see

We take a rest (rest, rest, rest...)
We save the best for last!

Show me respect, hear my sound
Show me respect, stay on the ground
Not truly bad, hardcore
Sit on the back, we go to war

Respect, my sound
Hardcore, rebound
Not more then a decade
But we still hang around

Straight to the place
And now we drop the bass.

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