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Hey You Lyrics

Noise In The Attic Hey You

There’s a place I know
To where all roads do lead,
And where all rivers flow
It’s not so far from here
But you could walk a thousand miles
And never once draw near

Beneath the shaded glade
Amid the only forest
That has not been laid to waste
And if close your eyes
You can hear the song that the wind
Carries as it flies, and it cries

Hey, you
Where you gonna go
Watcha gonna do
Hey, you
Where you gonna go
Watcha gonna do

And in this place I know
A lady of astounding beauty
Makes this place her home
She sings a gentle song
She sings into the air and the wind
Carries it along, and it goes


She doesn’t live alone
She walks among the trees, yeah
And she listens to the stones but they’re just stones
And they don’t hear a thing
They do not hear a thing
Her body is quite bare
But still she has no shame, you know
She lives without a care among the stones
Who cannot hear a thing
They cannot hear a thing


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