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Dream's Lord Lyrics

Noctis Invocat Dream's Lord

“Close your eyes and enter to your dreams”

In countless times, in the infinity
When the breeze of space, purified the earth
When the dust of stars, covered all
And the sky and hell, were only one.

The universe that breathe in silence
All the power that ever was
Appearing upon another, level
Now is considered total equilibrium.

Suddenly blazes appear, the shadows lengthen
A circle of moons, though the skies.
This is the day, and this is the hour:
Dream’s Lord, reveal to me his word.

“I am the sign of your exaltation
The symbol of past, present and future
Conqueror of heaven and the abyss.
I am the answer of glorification”

“I am the essence, the memory of nature
The Lord of Sin, the Lord of Pardon.
Tyrant of the universe, the right doctrine.
I am the theory of all existence”

Dream’s Lord…
Dream’s Lord…

Permit me to be your instrument
Make me your Goddess in the Kingdom
Enflame me, to fill me with light
Deify me, please mighty Ghost.

I am your instrument of Desire
I am your Goddess in the Kingdom
Enflame me, with your fire.
Deify me, with your holiness.

I am the essence of the forces of live.
The Lord of Sin, the Lord of Kingdom
Tyrant of universe, creator of light
The earth receive our King.

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