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Old Iron Gate Lyrics

Album Name : Come Into My House
Release Date : 2008-05-12
Song Duration : 3:37

No Kids Old Iron Gate

Lightning bugs a-twitter, past the porch screen, old colonial furniture's left out on the lawn, casting strange shadows hither thither.
Anyone can tell, by the letters on my pullover, what school I'm from.
Dark study hall, shadows on every wall, oh, come on.
Clouds move, the moon is gone, I'm on the mend, can't you tell?
Nights in the stacks have done me well.
Antlers mounted on the dining hall wall, I'll eat alone what's the use?
With no friends ever after being turned loose.
I pass by the glee club in the hall straightening their ties, and pick one in the back row ready to make eyes.
And oh, to steal away with you again, to go to Mystic, Connecticut, to watch the drawbridge go up and the tall ships come in

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