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Vacant Sky Lyrics

Album Name : It's All a Nightmare
Release Date : 2008-03-25
Song Duration : 3:33

No Hollywood Ending Vacant Sky

There is something I want to tell you,
If only I could learn how to say it,
"I believe in forever".
How does it feel for all you watching?
Do you realize this smile is broken inside?
I'm broken inside [x4]
And when the music stops...

Will my heart,
Keep a steady beat, keep a steady, keep a steady beat? [x2]

Or will it freeze up,
Under autumn leaves and winter snow and summers kiss? [x2]

I can't handle this, it has been too long.
Please rake the leaves away,
And pull me off the ground.
I have so much to give, I have so much to give,
Just no one to give [x2]

Please rake the leaves away and pull me off the ground [x2]

I have so much to give (Just no one to give it to) [x6]

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