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Growing Up Unstable Lyrics

Next To Normal Growing Up Unstable

((Note: this song was cut during the show's pre-Broadway run. It was the original act two opener, later replaced by Wish I Were Here.))

When you walk into the room and they just stop the conversation
When there's no room for your Clearasil with all the medication
When your house has much more nudity, profanity and crudity than any crap you'd ever seen on cable
You're growing up unstable

When they haul her off and hook her up to try to fry her brain out
When you do the shit you have to do to drain the stupid pain out
When you're trying to disguise it all, while your father just denies it all, and lets you sell him any sort of fable
You're growing up unstable

Two weeks gone and Mom is coming home today
And maybe this time she'll be good as new
We may just have a brand new happy home today
But what the hell do happy families do?

DIANA (spoken)

DAN (spoken)
Sh, don't talk. The doctor says you're good to go. Let's get you home.

And now am I allowed to live my teenage years?
My footloose days of running fast and free
And how can I enjoy my rash and reckless teenage years when my mom will always be much crazier than me?

When they tell you that they're sure this cure will do the trick and change her
When they say that every time, and every time she just gets stranger
When you know you've heard those lies before, you've seen it in their eyes before, as you sat at that pathetic dinner table
Knowing you would leave if only you were able
That feeling has a label
You're growing up unstable

DAN (spoken)
We're here!

You're growing up unstable!

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