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Washed Off By Blood Lyrics

Neverending War Washed Off By Blood

"Washed off by blood"

Children's tears falling from blood eye-sockets.
Dead weeping and neverending fear around.
That day became terrible for them.
The harm suddenly has rushed into their life.
F..cking terrorists, burn in hell!
The harm has rushed... into their life suddenly...
Their happiest day... in people's hearts...
Black mask on face. Weapon in hands. It is nightmare.
First school day in life became a nightmare.
Children's crying and groans of victims.
Let that devil being will be damned.
All has merged together that day.
There are the destroyed world, not come true dream and tiny grave.
The Beslan tragedy is the worst terror-related human catastrophe in the history.
There are at least 335 victims, mostly children, who died as a direct result of this terror act.

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