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Memories Lyrics

Neptune66 Memories

I can't deal with this
I've avoided it for so long
The target won't be missed this time
My aim is just too strong

I have to face my fears
And hope I somehow make it through
Without shedding any tears
Over fights I've had with you

I can't regret
those things I said
You know it used to tear me up
But now I'm better off instead
I lost myself
When you came back
I can't believe I gave my heart up
for some curiosities
I don't want to hold onto memories

It's almost been two years
I've almost lost my mind
With every single put down
Or the times you were unkind

Just look into my eyes
And I'll hope for the best
But somehow I know things can't stay the same
I failed your test


I don't know
Where we went wrong
I only wish I could make things better
I can't say
How long this will last
But I can't get over the past
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