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Haven't Sinned In Years! Lyrics

Album Name : Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance & Delusion
Release Date : 2009-07-28
Song Duration : 3:09

Neon Horse Haven't Sinned In Years!

All the old kings sold their crowns downtown
Left a child to guard their fortunes
While the Young Lions were on the prowl
He said, “the watch is asleep in the tower!
The back door’s open wide
There’s a fox making wine in the vineyard
I’ll be ready when it comes my time.”

A child stands in the throne room
Eyes so wide but unafraid
The One King’s never known you
(and He knows how kings are made)

The battle raged as the child so bravely struck down them devils
One by one
The old kings returned to find the doors were locked, the vineyard red
And the battle won
He said, “I cast down the watch from the tower
The door’s locked from inside
I make blood wine down in the vineyard
‘Cause I was ready when it came my time.”

The old kings ask me, “Norman! Haven’t you ever sinned?”
-Oh, I haven’t sinned in years!
But you’re out there and I’m in here!
And if I find you asleep in the tower
If the back door’s open wide
I’ll be makin’ blood wine in the vineyard
I’ll be ready – I got nothin’ but time!

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