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Take Me Home Lyrics

Album Name : Enter the Gate
Release Date : 2006-01-01
Song Duration : 6:57

Narnia Take Me Home

Is there anybody there?
Only echoes answer me
Calling you, I need you here
Tired of this human race
Running for foolish pride
All I want is to be free

Love was meant to be forever
Tell me why it is so hard to love today
Love was meant to be the finest gift of all
What went wrong? Oh lord, I need to understand

Time comes, time goes
Sails on where the water flows
In the harbor of a distant shore
Where I found peace in you, take me home

Man is bleeding in the night
Fighting to survive
Will the mighty king return?
Give me bread and give me wine
My soul is starving for your love
Fire's gone, I'm cold inside

I leave the past behind
You give me wings to fly
The time has come for me to meet the mystery

Will the mighty king return?
Fire's gone, I'm cool inside

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