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Innocent Starter Lyrics

Release Date : 2012-04-25
Song Duration : 4:55

Nana Mizuki Innocent Starter

Hugging your knees in the corner of your room
You've always shook with anxiety
You were scared to learn the 'truth'
So you closed the door to it

In this tender lie you've found where you belong
So you ran into your dreams
It's a place no one knew about
Where you dye your sea of loneliness to a deep blue

You earnestly looked for solitude
And you've hurt your own heart

It seems you'll get sucked into your deep secret eyes
So to your true smile
I'll be the one who'll delivered you tender love
It seems like it'll break if you touch it
But in this warm time let go of your past
I'll always be here with you
So don't get confused by your sad shadows

Just like a child you've searched and admired
But unable to find anything
You've lost sight of what was important to you

Things like common and normal were decorated with
I want the power to protect you in my hands
So I can go straight to you

There's nothing to be confused about
Floating in front of your eyes is the one answer you

Sketched in the rainbow of dawn is the darkness that
envelops everything
But with a small courageous word
We can cross over it
Even if the future is locked or erased
I won't end this prayer
Because I want to convey my real feelings to you

I'll give you a new beginning
And gently whispering our own promise
Nothing will change it
It's our eternal magic
Even if the future is locked or erased
I'll clearly remember your voice
And how it's used to call my name
In those days when you always smile

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