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Guardian Angel Lyrics

Album Name : Blinded!
Release Date : 2001-12-15
Song Duration : 5:03

Namnambulu Guardian Angel

Am looking for my guardian angel
Someone who could be my star
To shine the way on which i'm walking
Who can tell me where we are

I must admit that i am lost here
I wasn't meant to live this life
And even now as i am talking
I wished that you would soon arrive

My angel you are somewhere out there
I feel that you are watching me
But how long must i keep on hoping
That you'd be coming down to me

The time i spent just waiting
Is filling me with joy
The time i spent just waiting
For powers to deploy
The time i spent just waiting
I feel you coming near
The time i spent just waiting
Until i have you here

Song Meanings for Guardian Angel

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