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Piggyback Lyrics

Naledge Piggyback

You can catch me sipping Remy with some bougy hoes
Once they drunk, shit, you won't know they bougy, though
Smoking skunk shit, all they eyes is usually low
Listening to 36 and they dropping low
I love my life, I love my life, my squad be getting it in
Free bottles up in VIP, I don't want this to end
Tryna find my way up in some Gucci hoe
Sloppy drunk but I'm acting like who you should know
Laying up at the trunk, blowing Cuban smoke
Story of your life, LOL, you's a joke
Rap the only game that pays to be a f..cking fraud
Sell your soul when the Devil never paid it all
Nigga, motherfucker, radio
They don't motherfucker play me, though
Stream me on the internet, college show, be giving that
I'm a star, bitch, I'm a star, find me in the sky with my intellect
I'm riding lax up on the Lex show
Hey, Anna May, come meet this cake, hoe
Hetty Cane Jr., boy, I still got it
I kicking raps if I ain't seeing profit
Douchebag looking like f..ck it in
You don't like my raps, nigga, f..ck it in
Broad, you can come but I won't f..ck your friend
I only let you come 'cause you got daddy's Benz
I'm an asshole, I'm an asshole
Lifting her jaw, now she swallowing my tad pole
TV show about your throat, babysitter's club
All my friends is millionaires, bitch, I be getting love
Piggyback stunting, shit, I'm piggyback f..cking
I think I'm lax still, Mr. Marcus
Naledge bomb, this shit's the hardest

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