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Town Full Of Dogs Lyrics

Album Name : This Atom Heart of Ours
Release Date : 2007-01-05
Song Duration : 3:05

Naked Lunch Town Full Of Dogs

when the dealer hits my back
I turn around to see his face
his pounded jaw his bleeding nose
and I ask for an overdose of love

I want it now I need it all
right before my head comes falling down
see my friend he’s born in a wishing well
now you find him lying at the gates of hell

there’s too much violence in my dreams
there’s too much hate running in my veins
see I got a pirate soul to lend
I got my head right in my hand

it’s for you as gift you can take
‘cause I know how it feels to be down on my knees
you’ve been up now you’re down
with no guidance from above
while the cold wind blows in this town full of dogs

gimme hope gimme fear
gimme love and despair
gimme loads of your drug
and a reasonable f..ck
your burdon and your weight
gimme all that I can take
‘cause you know I’d love to carry it all for you

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