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Desperately Alive Lyrics

Album Name : Bottom Feeders
Release Date : 2008-07-23
Song Duration : 2:15

Naked Empire Desperately Alive

I'm thinkin of a day
maybe somewhat far away
where the world I know and the ones I live sit 6 feet
over me
but I cannot be afraid
at least that's what they say
so I stand up tall and strong and fierce to face my

but I begin to run away
I'm searching for a place
a place I can escape
to hide inside and stay alive just to die another day
like me they're just like me
running, running
I'm thinkin of a girl
my only in the world
she's got a certain secret melody she sings that I
she says she's not afraid
but as her youth start to fade
I think her strength and faith will go and fear will
take their place

but she swears that she's not afraid
what I want to evade
she hopes to embrace
but no matter how we think we've all got one foot in
the grave
like me she's just like me
running, running
she must be just like me
running, running
I'm thinking of you
I'm thinking of you
cus you seem so sure and tried and true though your
time is coming soon
the doctor's work is through
he's done all that he can do
he leaves the room and says to me I'll leave her here
with you

her eyes shine as she says to me
I'm not afraid of the other side
my eyes will be opened wide
I'm not sure what's to come but if I can when I'm done
I'll be waiting when you die.

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