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Static Lyrics

Album Name : Out Loud
Release Date : 2006-01-31
Song Duration : 3:22

Naio Ssaion Static

You've been told so many reasons
Why you shouldn't make
Your own way

And you've been sitting silently
Behaving properly
But there are many ways to

Say out loud
What you've been missing
In this world of madness
Where we're trying to find
Our way back home

And you know there are ways to make a change

You shouldn't be satisfied
With the static state of mind
You've become

'Cause you will not be told no more
how to live and breathe
It's your life you ignore and

Now's the time
To say what you've been
Missing in this madness

And still you wait
Keeping it inside
well you should scream out

And now you know
How to live and breathe
You finally found your way to

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