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Zephyrous Lyrics

Album Name : Awaken In Oblivion "Up from the Ashes & Skotos Aenaon"
Release Date : 2005-04-19
Song Duration : 6:17

Naer Mataron Zephyrous

The lord of the greatest wind
Son of Astraios and Eios
With his power he can tear your skin
With one blow he can rip off your head

From Podogrous born
The winged horses of Achilles
A mighty darkness demon
From the depths of the netherworld

He is the messenger of spring
His symbol the winged mighty horse
A great warrior of glory
Winged, powerful and proud

Oh, mighty Zephyrous
Give us thy strength
Crush all our enemies
With your dragon sword

Song Meanings for Zephyrous


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