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Incarcerating Gallantry Lyrics

Album Name : Praetorians
Release Date : 2012-11-11
Song Duration : 4:43

Naer Mataron Incarcerating Gallantry

That dawn granted again hope in our heart
That youthful heartbeat, that youthful insouciance
We believed in a just holding of a trial
In a grand justice
In the Nemesis Divine of the Gods
Between equal men before the law
What a fault, to belive in a rotten reality

Treachers - Hypocrisy - Corruption
Wrath - Hatred - Vengeance

"In the sacred shadow of the sword
Do not hesitate, they don't exist
I will be vindicated, they'll furnish our medals
By condemning me they believe to destroy us"
The hammer fell upon the anvil
And the court fell silent
Deathlike silence

Words of the final verdict
Filled my heart with fierce anger
Incarcerating bravery, shall bend us not
They only hasten the dawn of their bloodshed
For him, whom desolation did not bend
For him, who is faithful to his ideal's
For him, who strifes for the impending new man
Who shall come

Standing straight, arrogant, gazes towards justice
Earful eyes piercing him
They salute him with hailing arms
His raised fists and his voice...HAIL!

They are deceived

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