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Verses In The Fire (heavy Version) Lyrics

Mythos Verses In The Fire (heavy Version)

Hidden legends, secret they may be. Not meant for all of
us to know. Those who studied and believed - used the
magic. Pay now responsability for all the horrors
unlesahed. The ones only to roam in the Land Of No
Return... Chorus: Burn the book, Verses in fire. Spare no
time. Struggle and survive. It`s more than just.. The
whole book of verses. Temptating it is... Smoky
characters, taking shapes. Voices in utterly hideous
tones. Pages crakle and burn. Letters vanish in flames...
Repeat Chorus: Creatures in black dimensions, the
bringers of dark. Better to forget legends, Verses perish
in flames... LET IT BURN !

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