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Smoke Out (chico Californ-i-a) Lyrics

Album Name : Constant Struggle
Release Date : 2007-09-11
Song Duration : 3:39

Mystic Roots Smoke Out (chico Californ-i-a)

In Chico Cali-forn-i-a
We like to smoke out everyday

They went ahead and did it
It passed now the grass is cool
The government ain’t lovin’ it, I’m smokin’ dank at
I’m hella-happy, I’mma pack me up a chronic bowl
‘Cause now my weed don’t need to be left out in the
21 years old, and hella proud
I feel like runnin’ through the streets just to tell it
Can’t keep this motha-f*ckin’ grin off my silly face
Forget tobacco, I’mma wanna smoke a Philly laced
with straight chronic, I’m on it now until I die
Medicine they finally lettin’ in, I wonder why
215 didn’t pass a long time ago
I need my medicine to help me rhyme and flow
Not guilty, possession, never again
Now feel me, the sesh can begin again
No brother, you might have to quit the drank
Give up praise and thanks, they legalized the dank

They said it won’t work, I said it ain’t the truth
I did my homework, then got up in the booth
They gave me bad vibe, but I stayed positive
Now I’m high until I die, that’s how I gotta live
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a junkie on my way
to waste away my life smokin’ crack everyday
I just smoke weed when work is said and done
I went to all my classes, now my ass is havin’ fun
I’m not stayin’ lazy ‘cause people pay me to make music
Herbal medication as an option, I’mma chose it
They give me Prozac, Vicatin, sleeping-pills
Which give me side effects, cold sweats, deep in chills
Or you could buy a fat-ass sack & save money
Only side effects are the sleepies and the munchies
God loves you, God loves me
Man made brew but God made weed

My Blunt! I keep one on me now
Don’t front! I know my homies are down
‘cuz my blunt! Even the letters make me high:
my Brain Loves Usin’ Nuff Thai
Stay loaded I quoted Peter Tosh:
“Some call it ganja” I call it ‘drink the froth’
Ask my homie, Sash. Bonng-hits are hella-fun
Six million ways to smoke, so chose one
Crime no longer, legal now your honor
Migraines and chest pains, perscription marijuana
Growin’ in the corner, pretty little plant
Sittin’ in my lap, I got 50 Hav-A-Tamps
Avalanche a bud, ‘nuff love from the polls
Thank you California, if it’s legall let it grow
Powers of the plant no longer a mystery
1996, we made history

In Chico, Cali-forn-i-a
We Like to smoke at 4:20

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