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My Only Love Lyrics

Album Name : War/Love Blues
Release Date : 2004-01-29
Song Duration : 7:11

Myssouri My Only Love

My only love! Did you know what I'd become? And in that
becoming how all your reasons rung true like prophecy?
Cruel, like a curse? Well, I know it's not your doing,
but you heard the tocsin first! My only love! Last night
I crawled into a church! In pitch dark I said "I want to
believe"-- as I clawed my way for purchase! Saying,
"Lord, if you're really here please tell me, is it your
will that I can never again touch my only love? Never?
Never? And then I die?" Oh, my only love! My only love!
Why? Well that testimony rose from your mouth like a
cobra from a basket! And you held a darker question
there: You were too afraid to ask it! Well, ask it! Ask
it! I know where the answer lies: In the dust of bones
and mountains; in the malevolent march of time! From your
birthday to your deathbed, don't forget to tell your
child: Love is rendered temporary! And forever is a lie!
Oh my only love! My only love! Why?

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