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How To Hold A Ghost's Hand Lyrics

Album Name : Cry Wolf Broadcast
Release Date : 2008-05-20
Song Duration : 6:36

My Hero Is Me How To Hold A Ghost's Hand

This incline will always remind me of you
And the seat next to me will forever be yours
But the sun doesn't shine
Just quite like it did that day
And all the stars in the sky
Couldn't help me to cry at night
I want you to believe this
That life may have no purpose
But you make me proud
You're the one with the power
The power thats keeping me down
But what happened that night
Couldn't haunt me tonight I swear
So I'm saying out loud

And I want to get off this ride

Please let me off this ride...

We should've been together
Standing strong side by side
Alas you have been taken
And here I speak this time I
Dove right in with Angel's wings
Emerged deaf to what the choir sings:

This shouldn't be in your name
And I shouldn't be to blame
On a cold night how your warm breath stings
Reminding me of all those things
We should've done together
We would've been together

In your eyes

Begin to shine and I'm ready
Open the door with your bright eyes
This is not for you but me
We aim to find enough sorrows,
Open the doors and let me begin this
One last time thats not for you

So you think that ill just get up and forget
About everything you are
And everything you were
I used to sleep to dream to disappear
But I never get that far
Why do you have to follow me here?

Break this mistake
Side by side

This is what they say to you
This is happening

What happened that night
Cant haunt me tonight
We'll stay with you forever


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