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Reunions Lyrics

Album Name : A Ship Built To Sink
Release Date : 2010-03-11
Song Duration : 4:51

My Heart To Fear Reunions

This is the end
Your life has crumbled before you
Give up or paint a new picture
Give up or paint the picture
Get on your knees
Don’t fall for this bliss
You’ll drown in ignorance
So, keep your hands stretched toward the skies
A veiled symphony
Can’t you hear our subconscious screaming
Our lack of fear protects us
from the consequences
Ignorance is our security
You’ll drown in ignorance
My heart weeps for your soul
Reunions of the self
Reconcile lost signals to your soul
We are the anti-world
You are all slaves to yourselves
So, this is really the end
Or the start to a new chapter
Who’s the one with the upper hand now
Don’t you see that all these things
are meaningless
Nothing satisfies
I guess you’re the one with the crutch

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