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My Faults Are Your Reward Lyrics

Album Name : A Map of All Our Failures (Deluxe Edition)
Release Date : 2012-10-16
Song Duration : 5:27

My Dying Bride My Faults Are Your Reward
The sweetheart of Death, it reaches for me
I ask the meaning for us
The midnight of you, swims into sunlight
I couldn't be more obvious
A river beside, it went by them all
And ordered the words from the sea

I stumbled over hills to be with her
As the sun dropped her flesh
I gave up my tears, crawling from grief
To tell the story of her death
My faults are your reward
My fears look up, I watch the lord

Then God fell into my arms
Orating lonely psalms
With his flag proudly waved
Above the good and brave

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