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Ladykiller Lyrics

Album Name : My Diet Pill (First Album)
Release Date : 1999-07-01
Song Duration : 5:16

My Diet Pill Ladykiller

It’s time to wear your gold shining trousers
Those lovely pants that fit you so well
Spinnin’ round and round and round
Your magic mirror, tonight, is so gentle
You gotta… Move
You gotta prove yourself you’re one of the best
Lady killer
Lady killer

Ten to ten, right now is time to go
Through the streets of city of light
To the lovely place where the girls come in bloom
Heading for the blue crystal ballroom
You gotta… Dance
You gotta take your chance
And find some flesh… to put in your bed
You need to taste some lips as a comfort
as a comfort

Yes… You can dance all night
And move in time with girls in hands
And lipstick stains over your neck

Now it’s it, you’re in the temple of dancers
Head high you sketch a few steps on the dance floor
You throw your hat to the ladies
As you see them all faint in the same time
It’s so good to be… Irresistible
And so sensual, and so incredible…
Lady killer

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