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The Theme From Street Sweeper Lyrics

Murderers The Theme From Street Sweeper

[Tah Murdah]
Yeah, what
It's murda, uh
Oh y'all niggaz act like y'all still don't know
Yeah, there's only one way to find out nigga
It's catch one
Murda, murda man
Ronnie Bumps, Vita
Ja Rule, Black Child
O1 nigga

[Tah Murdah]
We apply the pressure, and plus like
Like Jigga and Big I love the dough
For the chips, guns'll blow at the one that owe
Nigga me and my Murderers, one in the same
If you a playa then I run in the game and put one in ya brain
Where ever the dough be, nigga show me
God be shootin hard like Kobe, y'all niggaz know me
For that green paper with white men
Strickin like lightning, trifflin
Most of my live's been heistin
Precise when I follow the treasure map
Never lack, forever stack, acumulate cheddar millions in benefact
It involves not yo, let the glock blow
Hit em and split em and watch em dro slow
Trying to stop or block though
A half a brick from flock-o
Have me gettin that rubberband at knott though
Gettin head on yachts though
I supply the row, while I fly in the
Four-dot-six while the witch at top split
When the glock spit, y'all niggaz better hit the deck
Or grasp on your jugular when I hit your neck
Started from ground zero now I'm up at the top
And mamis be squintin on blocks when I pimp in the drop
Son I been through a lot
And still going through shit
And I ain't stoppin till there's thirty or more on my wrist
You feel this, you feel this
It's murda shit nigga
The motherfuckin realest

[Ronnie Bumps]
Yeah, uh huh
Word up
Niggaz let us out the motherfuckin cage
The motherfuckin Murderers
Ronnie Bumps
Y'all tryin to ban murda
That shit ain't goin down like that
We in the motherfuckin streets
We gonna eat nigga
Either the hard way or the raw way
Huh, what, it's murda
It's murda nigga

[Ronnie Bumps]
Motherfucker, I'm twenty eight grand from weedin up
My gun bust, I'm callin for help and I can't get up
It's the lust, back in the hood tellin lies again
F..ck your squad, we niggaz who'll murder your men
Life ain't hard, you get what the f..ck you put in
Spit at cars, do drive-bys in drop tops we in
I like shine, cuz yours is mine and I'ma take it
It's murda, Ronnie Bumps had to hustle to make it
We bust niggaz, and hold our guns up high
And my gun that I touch, til the day that I die
Ride with me, do drive-bys with me
Flip for me, empty the whole clip for me
Lean on em, make sure you hit em where they stay
It's gangsta, we don't give a f..ck were you stay
Gotta kill you know, should've killed you back then
Shit happens, it's murda, clap the captain motherfucker

[Ja Rule]
What the f..ck, is going on
Bitch ass niggaz
Tryin to ban the best shit that ever motherfuckin happen to rap
Y'all niggaz hear me
It's murda
Got my nigga Black locked the f..ck up
F..ck y'all niggaz

[Ja Rule]
Niggaz know
The Rule pops bottles, gets drunk, and spits hollows
In a five-double-o, wrist fros, and f..cks models
The platinum problem niggaz dying to rid of
What happened to the lid of, from murderous niggaz
It's either you with us or amongst them
Niggaz that get punctured, and dumped and drowned or something
It's all for nothing
If you can't see and can't hear
And ain't heard of murda

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