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Bridge Burner Lyrics

Album Name : Fuck With Us and Find Out
Release Date : 2010-03-08
Song Duration : 3:04

Murder Death Kill Bridge Burner

You survive on the
back of my creation.
You're gonna be
exposed for what you truly are.
This is my world. This is my game.
You're clueless to
every f..cking thing.
You can never be like me.
You're just an
obstacle in my way.
I found direction
and it's right through you.
I am unstoppable
you're dead where you stand.
I am gonna make you a memory
that we can't wait to forget.
I'll leave you
bloody and broken.
You're better
off dead to me.
I have peace
of mind
your life is taken.
I live life day by day.
Fuck the past it's
all about now.
Fuck you it's all about me.
I look out for number 1.

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