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You Need Love Lyrics

Album Name : Muddy Waters: His Best (1956-1964)
Release Date : 1997-05-20
Song Duration : 2:44

Muddy Waters You Need Love

You've got yearnin' and I got burnin'
Baby you look so sweet and cunning
Baby way down inside, woman you need love
Woman you need love, you've got to have some love
I'm gonna give you some love, I know you need love
You just gotta have love, you make me feel so good
You make me feel all right, you're so nice, you're so

You're frettin', and I'm petting
A lot of good things you ain't getting
Baby, way down inside, you need love

You need to be hugged and squeezed real tight,
*the light of the moon on some summer night
You need love and kissing too,
All these things are good for you

I ain't foolin' you need schoolin'
Baby you know you need coolin'
Baby, way down inside, woman you need love

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