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Country Blues Lyrics

Album Name : The Complete Plantation Recordings
Release Date : 1993-06-07
Song Duration : 3:33

Muddy Waters Country Blues

I get later on in the evenin' time, I feel like, like
blowin' my horn
I woke up this mo'nin, find my, my little baby gone,
Later on in the evenin', main man, I feel like, like
blowin' my horn
Well I, woke up this mo'nin' baby, find my little baby

A well now, some folks say they worry, worry blues
ain't bad
That's a misery feelin' child, I most, most ever had
Some folks tell me, man I did worry, the blues ain't
Well that's a misery ole feelin', honey now, well gal,
I most ever had

Well, brooks run into the ocean, ocean run in, into the
If I don't find my baby somebody gonna, gonna bury me,
Brook run into the ocean, child, ocean run into the sea
Well, if I don't find my baby now, well gal, you gonna
have to bury me

Yes, minutes seem like hours an hours seem like days
Seems like my baby would stop her, her lowdown ways,
Minutes seem like hours child, an hours seem like days
Yes, seem like my woman now, well gal, she might stop
her lowdown ways

Well now I'm, I'm leavin' this mo'nin' if I had-a, whoa
ride the blind
I feel mistreated girl you know now, I don't mind dyin'
Leavin' this mo'nin, tell ya I had-a now ride the blind
Yeah, been mistreated baby now, baby an I don't mind

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